Why I Quit Building Backlinks Forever?

By Terry Kyle, co-founder BacklinksForum.com, founder of TrafficPlanet.com, WPX Hosting, Cloudboss.pro


In the past 8-9 years in SEO, I have built a truly crazy number of backlinks and PBN type sites for those backlinks.

All for the purpose of getting TRAFFIC from the Google SERP.

Targeted traffic is all we SEOs care about right?

So I naively believed that backlinks and PBNs were pretty much the ONLY way to rank and get traffic from Google.

You may still feel the same way today.

But you and I both know the massive drawbacks with PBN-based SEO for Google.

Disadvantages like having to:

  • Constantly build backlinks to gain and hold rankings – you’re in an arms race with other SEOs in your niche (one of our WordPress hosting competitors for WPX Hosting has over 300 million backlinks!)
  • Constantly buy PBN domains for those backlinks, host them and/or pay for link rentals on other sites
  • Then WAIT for  months, years or forever to see any substantial traffic in your niche (which may not convert after all that, wrong keywords!), and
  • Put up with frequent algorithmic changes or manual reviews that can wipe out all of the above, expensive work in a second

Sound familiar to you?

But then in early 2017, I stumbled across a very DIFFERENT way of doing SEO, quite by accident when working on a technique for getting virtually any site or page indexed instantly, regardless of how long it had been out of the Google Index, or never in it in the first place (assuming there was no pre-existing penalty against it).

To cut a long research story short, we discovered that sites that we indexed for testing purposes were getting longtail organic traffic from Google.

And it turns out that virtually none of us understood just how deep or rich the new AND old longtail is.

In short, it is far far beyond MASSIVE.

MASSIVE to the point where it is probably impossible for Google to even add a fraction of those ever growing new terms to their Google Keyword Planner.

I’ll get to some concrete examples of new + old longtail terms below shortly.

In fact, most keyword tools are extremely poor at analyzing the gigantic new + old longtail – it’s just way too much data, even for Google probably.

And it applies in EVERY NICHE imaginable.

Why? Simply because that’s how many people NATURALLY search for stuff online – with a mad number of longtail variations.

And hardly any of those longtail variations have ANY SEO competition whatsoever. 

That means that instant ranking and instant traffic is very achievable, if you have good expired domains as a base – see proof below across a bunch of different niches.

And CUMULATIVELY, this no-SEO-competition traffic available in the longtail probably far exceeds the traffic that the high ranking sites get for vanity terms that are pretty difficult i.e. expensive to get and keep.

Viperchill touched on this alternative longtail approach to SEO in this excellent post here (I love that blog).

BUT some SEOs just cannot handle the mindshift required to use this different approach – they prefer to stick with the PBN ‘arms race’ and wait 6 months or more for Google SERP traction, as I have seen first hand.

Anyways, with the new longtail, think 800 million+ never-ever-before-used search terms added DAILY in Google:



What about some examples of these types of new + old longtail terms?

OK, let’s say our local SEO client is this guy (he’s not, this is for demonstration only):



and we can see from his website that his address is:

3353 N.W. 74th Avenue
Miami, FL 33122

The business is located in the suburb of Doral and the county is Miami-Dade County.

That MATTERS hugely because people searching for services like this DO use a lot of zip code, suburb, county, state and state abbreviation terms in their longtail searches.

So instead of wasting time and money chasing after a term like ‘Miami movers’, I would go after THOUSANDS of longtails like:

  • top ranked movers in miami fl area
  • where to find movers downtown miami
  • movers near miami florida payment option
  • local movers around here in miami florida area
  • need movers service now doral miami-dade
  • top ranked movers company in miami
  • best movers miami-dade area flexible payment plan
  • cheap movers miami-dade area inhouse payment plan bad credit
  • cost of movers around miami-dade county florida
  • economical movers near miami-dade area
  • movers doral miami area hourly rate
  • cost of movers miami miami-dade county
  • movers that works 24 hours florida doral
  • out of hours movers miami-dade county miami
  • movers near doral area that offers inhouse payment plan
  • cost of movers visit miami 33122
  • movers that work on saturdays fl doral
  • top performing movers flexible payment plan
  • movers monthly payment plan near doral area
  • best local movers in miami-dade area
  • movers near doral miami that accept payment plan
  • movers flexible payment plan miami fl
  • need good movers in doral miami-dade county
  • movers in doral area who have a monthly payment plan
  • highest rated miami-dade county fl movers near current location
  • top movers miami florida area payment plan
  • movers in miami florida area who offer inhouse payment plan
  • cost of movers consultation around miami-dade 33122
  • movers that work on saturdays around miami-dade fl
  • movers inhouse payment plan near miami area
  • movers in miami florida area with payment option
  • movers that work on sundays near 33122 miami-dade county
  • cost of movers in 33122 fl
  • best local movers miami area flexible payment plan

And I know from extensive testing and research back in 2017 that people NATURALLY use these kinds of terms when searching for local services.

‘Old school’ SEO targets a few terms in a niche, Monster Truck SEO targets tens of thousands of terms in a niche.

So I built software tools that automate virtually all of this process in most niches e.g. for the above search target, my software identified 13,600+ target terms to go after in bulk, more on that in a minute:



And it’s a similar pattern in virtually EVERY NICHE ONLINE – people NATURALLY use longtail terms to search for things and old-school ‘dinosaur’ SEOs (I used to be one) are ignoring this goldmine where you can rank instantly and see traffic immediately.


Because nobody else is SEOing for these longtails!

They mistakenly assume that there is no traffic there because their keyword tools told them that!

Now imagine that out of the above 13,600 pages created in this particular niche, 100-200 bring you or your client traffic EVERY DAY.

Would that traffic flow TRANSFORM your business or not?

What are some examples of New Vs Old longtail terms?

In pretty much every niche out there, people are using longtails constantly to find solutions.

And we want to potentially access the ENTIRE breadth of search terms that people are using in our niche/s right?

That means using BOTH the new and old longtail, something my Monster Truck SEO software tools were built specifically to do.

When it comes to OLD longtail terms, these are not very ‘date-specific’ or ‘new-model-of-something-specific-like-iphone-X’ terms like (using above example):

  • need good movers in doral miami-dade county
  • movers in doral area who have a monthly payment plan
  • highest rated miami-dade county fl movers near current location
  • top movers miami florida area payment plan
  • movers in miami florida area who offer inhouse payment plan
  • movers that work on saturdays around miami-dade fl
  • movers that work on sundays near 33122 miami-dade county

There are at least 10,000+ longtail term variations that people do constantly use in virtually every niche.

And NEW longtail terms where there is ALSO a lot of traffic include month and/or year specific phrases like:

  • best rated doral movers january 2018
  • cheapest miami movers 2018 january
  • cheapest movers near doral miami 2018
  • movers miami florida 2018 reviews
  • miami movers 2018 customer reviews
  • movers doral 2018 unbiased reviews
  • miami-dade movers 2018 honest reviews
  • miami movers 2018 best deals
  • top performing florida movers near doral january 2018

Proof Terry thank you!

Well let’s look across a bunch of niches at the typical results we get using this no-backlink approach
(CUMULATIVELY gathering hundreds/thousands of visits each month), firstly for a moving company
in Chicago



or a locksmith in a suburb of Georgia, Atlanta (CUMULATIVELY gathering hundreds/thousands of visits each
month across many traffic-generating pages):



and what about other niches, like if I’m an affiliate marketer for iPage (they’re horrible by the way,
WPX Hosting
is way better!):



or promoting OptinMonster as an affiliate (CUMULATIVELY gathering hundreds/thousands of visits each
month across many traffic-generating pages):



or the brilliant SEMRush with RECURRING affiliate commissions:



or A2 hosting as an affiliate (CUMULATIVELY gathering hundreds/thousands of visits each month across
many traffic-generating pages):



Or you want to promote Rolex watches as an affiliate:



or Hostgator:



Or you like to promote physical products like Asus laptops:



Or Bluehost:



Or Microsoft Office365 (yes they have an affiliate program):



Getting the idea?

‘Old school’ SEO targets a few terms in a niche, Monster Truck
SEO targets tens of thousands of terms in a niche.

Starting to see the power of the cumulative longtail for massive traffic generation WITHOUT backlinks or PBNs?

OK Terry but how on earth can I create & index thousands of
new pages in my niche/s?

That is where software automation comes in.

Obviously to create thousands and thousands of index-worthy new pages manually would be impossible.

But the exception to the ‘Google hates duplicate content’ rule is with embedded YouTube videos where Google earns money from ads shown on those videos.

Pure coincidence of course.

The software that I built to approach SEO this way builds new posts with a random combination of embedded YouTube videos, Bing images, Bing links, Wikipedia links and a few other options:



Once your keyword batch is entered, such as from the ‘Miami movers’ list above, created by a different software tool of mine, then this tool publishes new auto-generated posts at the rate of about 100 per day, so as to not burn that domain with Google.

Indexing is natural and can take up to 7-14 days, unless you use the Google Mobile Tester to index individual inner pages to check on an expired domain’s instant ranking power.

Not all posts get indexed but the percentage is pretty high and a site:domain.com daily check in Google can give you a quick update on indexing progress e.g.


But what do I do with the traffic from these bulk pages Terry?

Using my software tools inside Monster Truck SEO, you now should have a ring of traffic-feeding sites/pages so the obvious
question is what to do with them.

Let’s look at a few options because these software-generated pages in your niche will be horrible for conversions.

I go into this in much more detail inside Monster Truck SEO but basically we can:

Option 1 – Overlays:

Use a free overlay plugin like this one:


to create a simple offer-based page that sits over your ranking, traffic-generating Monster Truck SEO posts like:


Option 2 – Ranking Page Rebuild::

When we DO see some traffic coming to a Monster truck SEO test post/page, we can then completely rework that inner page on the expired domain for conversion optimization e.g.

Build out great, relevant content, ideally with some kind of optin lead magnet for listbuilding.

Offer a useful article, tool or service DIRECTLY addressing that search term, for instance, someone searching e.g.  ‘bluehost vs hostgator comparison for woo commerce online store’ will actually want to see a useful comparo and not just get redirected to a generic hosting homepage.

In short though, notice how we are ONLY building good content on a page AFTER we have confirmed that we CAN rank for it and we ARE getting ACTUAL traffic.

That’s the OPPOSITE of normal content marketing’ practice or even SEO where we create content and then HOPE that it will work in a niche or with Google (after linkbuilding).



Option 3 – 301, Churn, Burn, Replace/Repeat (100% CTR):

I like this method a lot but it has drawbacks.

Firstly, here’s how it works:

  • Using the Monster Truck SEO platform tools, create a load of test pages in your niche, ideally across SEVERAL expired domains that you own and now run WordPress on (though HTML is fine too).
  • Make sure that traffic tracking is set up on each of those using something like Piwik, WP Statistics or Statcounter (not Google Analytics).
  • When you see MTS test pages getting traffic from Google, they must now be indexed and ranking for new/old longtail terms, 301 them to your target page/s on your Money Site.
  • Anyone searching on Google for these specific terms will see the MTS expired domain post/page details for UP TO A MONTH (slow huh?) on the SERP and NOT the Money Site page that they are being redirected to – good for affiliate marketing as the 301 is your affiliate link.
  • When Google eventually replaces the 301d page details on the SERP, make ANOTHER new MTS post/page and that should rank instantly again when it gets indexed.

This is also particularly good for current month/current year type search terms e.g. ‘wpx hosting promo code january 2018’ (IMPORTANT: people use longtail terms in EVERY single niche).

BUT this couldn’t possibly be a viable, long-term strategy, could it?

Of course it can though there are no guarantees of anything in SEO, business or life.

And it definitely does work IF traffic generating pages have their content improved for people and not just lazily left as autogenerated posts – that was just a first stage to see which terms are getting traffic in a niche.

In short, this is NOT a lazy SEOs strategy BUT it is MASSIVELY cheaper and faster than building links with PBNs and waiting waiting waiting for Google to honor those.

And is this an expired domain-based strategy?

Yes it is because you DO need some domain authority + page relevance to climb over other sites on the SERP that DO have domain authority but NOT specific page relevance.

Basically we are moving from this model of SEO (crudely simplified):




where we can get and keep traffic very very quickly and cheaply compared to old school SEO and expired domains are ESSENTIAL for this (we use a lot of .info domains bought at Namecheap for $1.99 each and they work very well for this strategy).

In fact, once you scope out the best longtails in your particular niche, you can build pages specifically for those on your Money Site – just don’t do it on a massive scale on your precious Money Site.

The reason we can rank INSTANTLY for countless longtail variations upon indexing is this:



Using the Monster Truck SEO strategy, when we get a new post/page on our powerful expired domain indexed instantly, we FORCE Google to INSTANTLY DECIDE on 1 key factor:

Does our new post/page have enough Domain Authority + SPECIFIC Query relevance to OUTRANK other pages with similar or higher Root Domain Authority WITHOUT much inner-page SPECIFIC Query relevance?

This one equation lies at the heart of how Monster Truck SEO works and how instant rankings and traffic are possible in virtually ANY NICHE.

But what languages/countries does the software support?

Currently the Monster Truck SEO software platform supports the US, UK, Australia, Germany and Spain (we are working on Canada at the moment) – though many niches that are NOT country specific ARE covered by the software tools inside MTS.

OK, can I see a video walkthrough of your software + strategy
in action?

So that’s how my SEO strategy has shifted in late 2017/early 2018 and could work for you – IF you can let go of the ‘fatal attraction’ to PBNs and try something else which is way way cheaper than PBN-based SEO and works much faster.

HOWEVER some SEOs cannot handle this mindshift required to use this different approach – they prefer to stick with the PBN ‘arms race’ and wait 6 months or more for Google SERP traction.

You can access the Monster Truck SEO full strategy and toolset here:



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